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On one beautiful morning, 30 HR leaders gathered in JW Mariott to attend HR Directors Forum with the speaker Michael McCollum, the Director of Global Market from Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) from the US.
Talking about the world’s trend on Global Workforce, cultural diversity, demographic data, and how HR could take an importantly proactive role in managing these challenges – participants were actively share success stories in the forum.
Indonesian HR leaders believe, that Indonesian workforce have not only been the observers of the globalization era, but HR can play a critical role ensuring Indonesian talents are accepted and well prepared to be globally competitive to be expatriates. Believing that with an effective development program, Indonesian talents can be the sought after talents in the Asia Pacific region.
A noble spirit for the nation. Thats why PMSM is all about. Together we can accelerate this vision.
Hope to see you in the next PMSM’s HR Directors Forum.